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DB10 - Tao Motor 110cc Dirt Bike for Fast Riding Pleasure with Safety and Ease

Waiting to have an off-road motorcycle that is specifically designed for riding on surfaces that are not normally smooth? Then, you will surely enjoy with Tao Motor 110cc dirt bike DB10. It will ride as smooth and comfortable as Tao Tao 150cc scooters. Apart from a great look, the bike has everything required for a thrilling dirt biking experience. With an 110CC automatic air cooled, 4-stroke and 1-cylinder engine you will love the fast speed the basic bike has to offer you for off-road riding.

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The Tao Motor 110cc dirt bike can handle the unpaved trails with ease while providing you with more fun for off-highway motorcycle riding time and again. Whether you plan to move on road or off road, the bike is ever ready. With the smart electric start the engine becomes operative. The air cooled 110cc engine of the dirt bike helps to keep the motorcycle running smoothly without any problem of overheating.

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It makes for riders to maneuver easily through any traffic situation at gross weight136 pounds (62KG). The Tao Motor 110cc dirt bike DB10 comes with a pair of tires fitted with rims to start you off road, both the parts 10-inches in size. They provide the grip required to keep the motorbike on the trail. This is no doubt a great bike for some sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurists, but does have the power of a few more CC’s than any other standard bikes.

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Special Features of Tao Motor 110CC Dirt Bike DB10

You may fall for the bike’s appealing look and some of the great biking features that you are not familiar with. As a user, you should know them all. So let’s find out more about them in brief before deciding whether the bike is perfect for your riding needs.

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Automatic Engine Gear

Due to an automatic engine gear, the riders can focus more on riding than shifting gears which may damage the bike.

Chain Drive Transmission

When you have a 110cc dirt bike with chain drive power transmission, the power from the engine is transmitted to the rear wheel via a roller chain.

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Air Cooled 4 Stroke 1 Cylinder Engine

This bike keeps protected from the problem of overheating due to its air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder engine.

30 Mph (50KM/H) Maximum Speed

This 110cc dirt bike may certainly not be the fastest but will offer a great speed for outdoor fun. It can go up to 30mph or 50km/h which is not bad in speed criteria.

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Front and Rear Brakes

The front and rear brakes work excellently when it comes to slow down or stop the bike.


  • Automatic chain drive transmission for a smooth and easy ride.
  • 110 CC air cooled, electric start engine.
  • 10-inch tire front and rear.
  • Seat height of 26 inches from ground to top of seat.
  • Engine is electric start, great for new beginners.
  • Hydraulic disc brake in front and drum foot braker in the rear.
  • 1cylinder 4 stroke engine.

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Tao Motor 110cc dirt bike DB10 is an awesome choice with a shock absorption facility that would add to your off-road riding. The rear drum brake is another nice feature making sure that you have to use your foot rather than your hands to operate it.

150cc Scooter

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